Robot underfloor heating

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About US


Robot underfloor heating was setup in Inverness in May 2014 by Robot vloerverwarming B.V


Robot vloerverwarming B.V has been a producer of under-floor heating manifolds since 1988. Since the company's foundation, a great number of innovative developments have taken place. The manifolds we produce are of very high quality and very compact, thanks to the specially designed composite pump housing.

What we do


We offer supply, design & installation of underfloor heating systems.

Each of our underfloor heating systems will included a fully coloured cad drawing showing zone layouts, manifold position as well as room stat positions.

All underfloor heating system will also include the required wiring diagram for the room stats and wiring centre provided.

What is Underfloor Heating ?

Robot Underfloor Heating Pipe
Robot Underfloor Heating Manifold

The heat produced from Underfloor heating or wall heating comprises of 70% radiant Heat and 30% convection heat. Conventional systems mainly provide convection heat which circulates through the air that surrounds objects in a building. Radiant heat, heats objects & the general fabric of the building, including people, just like the sun heats objects on the earth's surface.

Underfloor heating eliminates uncomfortable hot or cold air flows around a room and gives even comfortable heating. The warmest part of the room is next to the floor, not the ceiling, Floor heating is as close as you can get to the ideal heating curve.
With underfloor heating - The biggest advantage is the even warmth & comfort throughout your home or commercial premises - your environment is pleasant , temperatures are slightly lower than you would have with a conventional system. This is due to the even heat distribution. The actual air temperature can be reduced by 1 - 2°C, compared to a conventional system, this adds to the comfort level and gives energy savings between 15% to 50% depending on ceiling height. The higher the ceiling the more you save.

What does underfloor heating provide ?
  1. Even warmth & comfort throughout your home or commercial premises

  2. Clean & hygienic

  3. No Dust Circulation

  4. Environmentally friendly

  5. Vandal Proof

  6. Complete freedom for innovative interior design

  7. Little or No maintenance

  8. Peace of mind with a 50 year pipe guarantee

  9. 5 year guarantee on manifolds

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